Aleksandar Zograf - About a Perfect Woman

Saša Rakezić (rođen 1963. u Pančevu) poznatiji pod pseudonimom Aleksandar Zograf je srpski i jugoslovenski strip autor. Stripove počinje da objavljuje od 1986. na tržištu SFRJ. Početkom '90-ih godina XX veka počinje da objavljuje radove i u inostranstvu, najviše u Americi. Učestvovao je na više međunarodnih strip festivala, konferencija i izložbi, kao što su Expocomics, Caption, Lucca Comics, Atinski festival stripa i dr.
Zograf: 'I have many favorites, but I’ll describe just the last one I did, published few days ago It’s a story based on an article published in 1925’s issue of Zena i svet, a women’s magazine from Belgrade. There was a poll among intellectuals (of both sexes) based around the topic of the Perfect Woman. Nobody expected that it would cause so much stir — some people expressed chauvinist clich
s (which sound funny, too!), then a poet wrote a provocative and intellectually challenging piece, while some were so offended (such as one female writer) that she wrote an angry reply stating that they could have her picture (for the illustration of the article) only when she drops dead!'